My Evenstar Shawl

My name is Catherine and I’ve been knitting for 30 years. I learnt how to knit from my Gran with my first knit being a teddy bear (which had no neck!) that I gave to a friend for a birthday. I’m a person who likes to learn, so have learnt many different techniques over the years. My favourite ever knit piece that I have made so far is my Evenstar shawl which I wore to my wedding. My Gran even told me that I had made some progress in my knitting!

I got my degree in Mathematics and Economics and then followed that with my Post Graduate Certificate in Education. After spending some time as a Mathematics Teacher, I decided that I wanted to do more in Business. So I worked for 9 years with a wholesale company where I spent my time working on the accounts, proofreading adverts and catalogues and anything data related came to me.

During this time whilst working for the company I started to be interested in getting more involved in working in the knitting industry. I recently got the opportunity at the beginning of 2019 to take this further so I decided to start my dream job to be involved in the yarn industry and become a tech editor. I completed Joeli Kelly’s Learn to Tech Edit Course in 2019.

Some other things that I like to do in my spare time! I’m a multi-crafter, my main other craft is cross-stitching, but I do occasionally spin, make jewellery and paper crafting. Alongside my crafter, I do like to watch a movie. I watch a variety of different genres but my favourite genre is sci-fi. I talk about some of my favourite films of the week on my Instagram as well. If you ever want to chat to me about any Films/TV shows, please do send me a message and I would love to chat with you. Here’s my recent films that I’ve watched so you can suggest a film that I should watch!

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